Before I start, there are a few things you need to understand.

1. I’ve had a successful career in retail without ever being in charge of a social media account.
2. I can be incredibly stubborn.
3. I'm a complete introvert (borderline loner). 

More on that later.


The majority of people reading this will 100% know the story. But if you don’t, I’ve nailed the short version.

After many years of graft in retail, I was made redundant before the pandemic even got going (May 2020). Knowing corporate retail was about see the bottom fall out of it, I PIVOTED (Ross style). Becoming the temp-CEO, Agony Aunt and all round Sorter of S**t to many a business owner. The end.


If someone had told me what I would have to tackle to get to this point I’m not 100% sure I’d have had the energy, the patience, or the sanity. But we’re here, so I’ll move on. 

Prior to the pandemic, my social media account would be lucky to see 12 posts a year. So being thrust into a world of likes, engagement, hashtags and wheels (which is honestly what I thought Reels were called for the first few weeks), I was like a fish out of water. And all of a sudden this was important, this is what I needed to do to run a business, this is what success looked like…..!?

Hang on...

Point 1 - I just couldn’t get my head around the fact that social media was THIS much of a thing. How had I successfully managed both online and physical stores for so long and this hadn’t been a bigger part of my responsibility? Well yes, when Boris locked us up and grounded everyone it WAS a big deal. And it was a really, really great way to connect. Consumers were bored and browsing to a level we had never experienced before - brilliant! But then then we all behaved and Boris let us out to play again. Even more brilliant. But the likes and engagement dropped and the wheels became even more important. But I still wasn’t seeing the results.

At this point, point 2 kicked in. I was determined that the type of business I wanted to run did not revolve around tap dancing and outfit changes, just because we were being told too. Why? For no other reason than I’m rubbish at it and we all know we don’t achieve greatness in the places we don’t enjoy. And so I worked on other ways to get eyes on my business and traffic to the site.

For my business specifically, LinkedIn has been a game changer. I don’t have to post regular content, but instead set up a detailed profile and continued to interact on the platform as I always had, commenting and sharing other brands and businesses content. (there's admittedly a little more to it than that…but it worked). SEO and blogging was another traffic driver that generated leads that turned into clients. This, combined with networking, was building my brands reputation. 

I know these examples will not help most product based brands, but that’s not the point. The point is put your time and energy into the things that a) you enjoy (or at least can tolerate) and b) see the results. 

And finally, point 3. I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth - just the social media version. The loner in me really doesn’t like sharing stuff, but I know I have to - hence this short novel you may still be reading. But know this; I am Happy as Larry behind the scenes. And that is 100% thanks to a few phenomenal women. Wonderful women who have helped me show up in all the right places, at all the right times and in a way that works for me. I encourage you to find these types of people and let them help you. Even if mine are somewhat anti-social gin drinkers with slightly questionable parenting techniques, they are my people, they are who have support me, who make me better.

Anyway - I digress. I use social media as MY example, but it may not be yours. Just make sure that where you are spending your time and investment is in places that will move the dial and progress your business forward. And if it could reflect and align with who you are as a person, even better. 

We run our businesses to run the business. Not to be run BY the business. Remember that.

It can and should be that simple.