Going the extra mile really does matter. It matters now more than ever because consumers expect it more than ever. Yet some brands, businesses and organisations still put more effort into securing new customers/sales/revenue - than they do creating delight. The little extras.



When an order/purchase comes through, you can't just think - "right, gotcha...on to the next". Well, you can but - but a little will go a long way - it will result in so many other future sales.


Here are 4 ways to bring a little extra to your consumers;




Consumers have started to expect more when it comes to receiving their products. The bar currently sits at "hand-wrapped by unicorns, who also gives you 3 wishes". But seriously, there is a lot to be said for added elements of delight - which doesn't have to be over expensive packaging.


You could create a simple card that tells your story, allowing customers to connect with you on a more personal level. Allow them to see who you are, why your business is so important. We need to start thinking of our packaging not as the final step, but as a place-holder, to make them want to connect/buy from you again.

Optimise the power of QR Codes within your packaging - I think these have been hugely under utilised due to physical experiences being capped during the pandemic. The power to connect consumers to a specific link, video or webpage - allowing that experience to continue past the point where they are opening their purchases. 

You can continue to tell a story, share a how-to guide or even tips and tricks for a product by easily and simply directing to these online resources. 


Bringing them into your world will make their purchase feel much more valued.




An added gift can be one of two things, but the key is it's unexpected. It's a surprise when it comes through. There are 2 types, a Value Gift or a Branded Gift - both are, however, very low value.


Value Gifts are something relevant to the purchase that they can get immediate use out of. If you predominately sell one category of item, this is the option for you.

-      A Candle Brand Gift - Branded Matches

-      A Jewellery Brand Gift - Branded Cleaning Cloth

-      A Plant Brand Gift - Plant food.


The intention is they get immediate use out of it, so it elevates their initial purchase even more.


Branded Gifts are something more generic - regardless of consumer purchase.


-      Stickers, Book Mark, Affirmation Cards, Digital Screensaver Download.


The purpose here is to market your business through items that will be visible to others, or likely to be shared on social media. Either way, to the consumer it was just a great little extra they didn't expect.




Video content has gone crazy over the past 12 months and you should be using it to build excitement within your shoppers.


Use video content in your shipping/confirmation emails to spice them up, make people take note.


Want customer feedback? Ask them via video - tell them why it's important to you and why you value their thoughts.


Have a video message on your About You Page, showing them behind the scenes, your little (or big) space where the magic happens. Bring them into your world - make it meaningful, make it resonate with them.




Specific, one-off discount can be a great way to upkeep the authority within your business, yet still allow a personal "treat" to your shoppers. A birthday discount is a perfect way to be considered but also protect your brand image. I specific look out for those brands that email me on my birthday, firstly to wish me many happy returns, but also offer something just for me - totally exclusive (along with everyone else who shares my birthday).

It also needs to be a "good" discount - 20/25% will make consumers actively look for something in which to spend their treat discount. The advantage is it's controlled so you're not going to overly notice it throughout the year as a promotion, but it really will mean a lot to your shoppers. More importantly, it will encourage more returning shopping.


These 4 simples "added delight" ideas don't need to cost much or take up much of your time, but they will bring you closer to your consumer. Put you top of mind when they consider making purchases - because they "know, like, trust you". You value them, and all your customers.