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Kerry at Unseen Icons

Lisa really helped me gain the confidence to raise my prices. I left the sessions feeling positive and excited but most of all motivated to work through the plans we made. I would definitely recommend working with Lisa, she came up with good concepts and held me accountable on the tasks we agreed.

Ellen at Stretch Frames

Ellen at Stretch Frames

My biggest takeaway from working with Lisa was the realisation that financial goals don't have to be scary or seem unrealistic. I asked Lisa for some guidance after being too fearful to come up with something myself and she really helped me to work out something achievable and, more importantly, how to achieve it. I would not have progressed my new business to where it is after 6 months without Lisa's help. Not only did she work with me on the overall direction of my business, she also helped me at the "shop floor level", with minute operational details that can overwhelm and really get in the way of progress if you are working alone. It truly felt like I had another team member to discuss things with. Just invaluable support.


Jade at Dainty London Jewellery

I worked with Lisa as I was at a point to start scaling my business. She taught me to scale and expand my hero products, how to create consistent branding, how to tell my brand story and helped me gain the confidence to speak about my brand to a higher level of client, like a department store buyer. 

My jewellery brand has since won the "Emerging Jewellery Brand of the Year" at the UK Jewellery Awards. The judges said my brand stood out because of our fantastic IG profile, sleek website and authentic brand storytelling - everything that Lisa taught me.

Amy at Work by Amy

Amy at Work by Amy

Working with Lisa was absolutely the fuel I needed to get my business to a place I was happy with. I left each and every session feeling energised and motivated. I have never doubted my ability to design - I love it and a designer is wholeheartedly who I am inside and out - but running a design business is a whole other story. Lisa makes everything feel manageable and keeps you on track with patience and understanding. I wouldn't be where I am right now without her indispensable help and guidance.

Jade at Jade Alana

Jade at Jade Alana Photography

I can honestly say that without the help and support from Lisa my business would not be where it is today. There are so many aspects to running a business that I struggle with, but Lisa takes the overwhelming tasks and makes them seem so manageable. Lisa challenges and encourages me in the best way possible - her continued support, along with an incredible amount of knowledge, is just invaluable. 


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