One of the focuses when working for a larger company is constantly challenging yourself to create a business that does better - not just drives profit. This is elevated even more so post-pandemic. 


I spent the last 5 years of my corporate career at Eileen Fisher - so I was amongst some of the very, very best. And as a brand, they have achieved so much in terms of being more than a profit-driven business. It's "easier" as a larger company to challenge yourself with such focuses. You have more resources, people and investment. And I believe any business that can really impact the world, humanity and our future should see it as their responsibility to do so. But even at an independent level - there are things we can do, or more important things we can try not to do that will create better footprints on the world.


In Mary Portas new book, How to thrive in the new Kindness Economy - she asks the question...


"Wouldn't it be great if businesses, generally, could leave the world in a better place than it found it?"


It's a great, eye-opening read - with so many thought-provoking topics about how we need to move businesses forward. But right now - I challenge you, what small things could you do within your business to make things better. Not by reducing a negative impact (such as sustainability) - but actually, make something better than it currently is right now?


Ask yourself questions such as…


How can you leave a better mark on the world?


How can you spark positive reactions?


How can I provoke my customers to think and do better?


You may believe you are “too small” to make significant changes - and that may be true. But if all independent businesses made the smallest of changes within their brands - as a collective the SME industry would create huge positive impressions on our future.

All great change starts from the smaller steps. It is the small actions all working together that create noticeable results.

I would challenge you to look at your values, how can you take them one step further? And not to create revenue or profit, but because it’s the right thing to do.


We all have a responsibility as voices and opinions within our industry to create something good.


Create something better.


Business for better.