One of the main foundations of building a successful business is ensuring you create a brand to support both the product and the business itself. You need to ensure that as well as developing and fine-tuning your product, you also spend equal investment in your Brand. The Brand is experienced by everyone who connects with you, whatever the level.


The brand is your appearance, your front cover. It’s what you want people to remember, it’s what will encourage people to come back. It’s ultimately what people buy into. When people are conscious of whom they are shopping with – the Brand is what they look for initially.


Research suggests that over 70% of consumers are now actively shopping with brands that align with their values and that they feel connected to.


The store on the high street with the peeling paint, wonky sign and dirty windows - is not the store you are curious to shop with.

When we think that it can take up to 7 touchpoints for a consumer to make that initial purchase – ask yourself – is each touchpoint echo your brand in its truest form?


Branding covers all areas. Yes, it's important to consider your fonts, colours and logo. But it's also other much smaller things - such as a broken link, an out of date pop-up offer, or a poor quality photo on your website.

These more technical issues are equally as important to the impression you create with potential and current customers. An easy and effective customer journey, simple and emotive marketing, as well as easy and quick check out. To understand the branding message you are articulating - you need to look at your business 360.

Another key aspect of your brand is your values. The non-negotiables. The reason why you do what you do!


You must understand what makes your business tick, its differentiation, its USP. And then everything you do needs to come from there. Your tone of voice, your website layout, your photography, your marketing strategy - every single social post and email newsletter.


Building a successful brand is setting the foundations for your business. A great brand will lead to a successful business.